Prep 6 travel back to 1851

  • 20 March 2017

Farlington's Prep 6 spent a day in a Victorian classroom.

Sleeping Beauty Ballet

  • 17 March 2017

Romance, drama and fantasy were in evidence at Farlington School this weekend – all conjured up by Tchaikovsky’s memorable score and Natalie van de Braam’s mesmerising and original choreography.

Family Fun at Dog Show

  • 05 December 2016

Farlington Prep School had an excellent turnout for its sixth annual Family Dog Show. The event was held inside the New Courtyard Hall on Saturday 1st October.

Harvest Festival Celebration

  • 05 December 2016

At Farlington School on Friday 7th October the whole Prep School gave a musical and thought-provoking Harvest Festival assembly to a packed hall of family, friends and staff. Colourful imagery, harvest harmonies and poignant poems abounded.

Investigating the Romans at Fishbourne

  • 27 April 2016

Farlington School's Prep 4 visited Fishbourne Roman Palace as an introduction to their 'Romans' topic. They were therefore quite surprised to learn, on their arrival, that the palace probably belonged to a Celtic king!

‘Doo-Wop Wed Widing Hood’

  • 16 March 2016

Farlington Prep School perform pacey, imaginative and irreverent re-working of the well-known fairy tale, underpinned with the foot-tapping rock 'n' roll idiom of the 50's.

Jazz Music Workshop

  • 16 March 2016

On Saturday 5th March 2016 boys and girls from local schools, along with Farlington girls, took part in the inaugural Farlington Jazz Music Workshop led by music teacher Brian Dallimore.

Children's Mental Health

  • 02 March 2016

The recent Children's Mental Health Week was incredibly important for making transparent and explaining the range and extent of situations facing society. I was often riveted to television and radio programmes, as well as drawn to articles, about multitudinous issues in our frenetic, modern world: often a real eye-opener. Working in a school where pupils have access to professional counselling, our staff feel well supported when addressing the many complex mental health issues that face young people today. A recent BBC article mentioned children having to deal with family break-ups, bereavement and difficulties arising from drug and substance abuse, not to mention the increased sexualisation and violence that is prevalent in many communities. Hearing that greater funding will be available to provide the desired level of support to all schools, particularly funding for talking therapies, is enormously welcome.

Charity Haircut Raises Nearly £2000

  • 01 March 2016

A Prep 3 pupil has raised £1855 for the Little Princess Trust by cutting her long hair.

Farlington Prep 2 Pupils Cook Up a Feast at Local Wagamama Restaurant

  • 04 March 2015

Prep 2 pupils enhanced their cross curricular learning with an exciting trip to a local Japanese restaurant.

Prep Girls Work Like Egyptians

  • 04 March 2015

To support and enhance the girls' learning about Ancient Egypt, Prep 3 girls spent the day as Egyptians.