Annual Prep School Maths Puzzle Workshop

Downe House | 11 Dec 2018 | ISC Icon GSA Icon HMC Icon
As part of the 'Downe to You' initiative which shares the Downe House experience with prep schools, pupils from Chafyn Grove, Brockhurst & Marlston House, St Neot's and Lambrook joined Remove girls for a day of puzzles and challenges.
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The Downe House Maths Department invited boys and girls from Chafyn Grove, St Neot’s , Brockhurst and Marlston House and Lambrook Prep Schools to join Remove girls for a day of puzzles and challenges during what has now become an annual Puzzles Workshop.

A huge selection of puzzles was provided by the Happy Puzzle Company and in teams, the pupils encountered a variety of challenges, some of which were solved in minutes whilst others required a more strategic approach to find a solution.

Teacher of Mathematics and organiser of the event, Mrs Michelle Hobbs said, “It has been a pleasure to watch all of the boys and girls working together to find ways to solve the puzzles. This process really does build resilience and improve their thinking skills whilst boosting their confidence in the process. The overall message of the day is that there is always a solution and that if they persevere and work as a team, they can solve every puzzle or problem. I would like to thank the Happy Puzzle Company for all their help in making today such a success.”

The Maths Puzzle Workshop is part of the ‘Downe to You’ initiative which shares the Downe House experience with prep schools across a spectrum of disciplines including science, drama, sport, music, literature and dance amongst others

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