Battle Abbey Prep School Science Ambassadors

Battle Abbey Preparatory School | 3 Jul 2018 | Featured Story | ISC Icon IAPS Icon
Battle Abbey Prep School Bexhill hosted children from four local schools at a Science Ambassador Training Programme this week.
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The children at Battle Abbey Prep School Bexhill were given the opportunity to host the Junior Science Ambassador training event last week. Successful completion would see them become certified Science Ambassadors for their school. Four budding scientists from Year 5 participated in the event as well as 16 children from other local schools invited in for the days experiments. All pupils were able to carry out a range of different scientific experiments, guided by Dr Alison Buxton and her assistant.

The experiments focused on different areas of the science curriculum and were all carried out in fun and innovative ways. One of the children’s favourite experiments was the construction of 'balloon kebabs'. Though the 'tornado in a bottle' experiment was also a big hit! After their experiments the children presented their findings to the group and shared any questions they had with Dr Buxton. 

From start to finish the day was engaging and extremely fun. All of the children who participated on the day were presented with the Junior Science Ambassador certificate. Dr Buxton thanked the Prep School with the gift of a scientific experiment and equipment box so that the children could share the experiments with other pupils and, more importantly, continue to promote a love of science throughout the school.