Pupils Through to the Tournament of Champions at Yale University

Bromsgrove School | 12 Aug 2019 | ISC Icon HMC Icon
Bromsgrove School hosted the regional round of the 2019 World Scholar’s Cup, with two teams from the school progressing to the global round at The Hague in July, alongside 1,900 scholars from 51 different countries.
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Bromsgrove School recently hosted the regional round of the World Scholar's Cup. Teams competed in debates, collaborative writing and a multiple choice paper, all based around this year’s theme of A World on the Margins and the six core subjects of Science, Humanities, Art and Music, Literature, History and Unsolved Mysteries.

The school was fortunate to have two teams progress to the global round at The Hague in July, alongside 1,900 scholars aged 10 to 18, from fifty-one different countries. The remaining five global rounds were held in Sydney, Manila, Durban, Nur-Sultan and Beijing.

Huge congratulations to both teams, who are now through to the Tournament of Champions at Yale University in November. Each round featured four competitive skill-building events: Team Debate, Collaborative Writing, Scholar’s Challenge, Scholar’s Bowl, with six different themes: Literature, Social Studies, Special Area, Science & Technology, Art & Music and History.

Jake Wingfield, Harrison Brown and Charlotte James finished 77th in the Senior division, whilst George Hastings, Shaan Sanghera and Nicholas Hunt finished in the top 50, out of 600 teams. They also won numerous awards and medals, including a trophy for coming overall 6th in the competitive writing, 12th overall for their debating challenge and a total of thirty-nine gold and silver medals for both individual and team efforts in each of the categories.

Founded in 2007, the World Scholar’s Cup is a global charitable enrichment initiative for students of all backgrounds from schools all over the world. Teams performing well at the global round can progress to the 8th Annual Tournament of Champions to be held at Yale University in November, bringing together qualifying teams from all six global rounds.

Commenting on the event, Mr Jon Wingfield, Director of A Level at the School said “The World Scholar’s Cup is a fantastic opportunity for pupils to participate in something truly global. They learn new skills and independently research things that most of their peers will not have heard of. All this, whilst having a fantastic time, in a competition that does not take itself too seriously”.

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