Bridge Building Day for Bancroft's

Bancroft's School | 12 Mar 2018
All year 8 pupils at Bancroft's School, Woodford Green, had an fun engineering introductory day in March during which they were asked to build their own bridges which were then tested to see which was the strongest.
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After examining the basic principles behind various kids of bridges, pupils were divided into groups to design and then construct their own truss and suspension bridges. All groups were given access to the same materials to create a fair competition.  Members of Bancroft's Maths, Physics and DT departments were on hand to offer further advice as and when necessary.  Once the bridges were all complete, they were taken to be tested before the whole year group.  Increasingly heavy weights were suspended from the bridges until they reached their literal breaking point.  The breaking of the bridges was often accompanied by loud cheers from the excited pupils.  The strongest bridge took an impressive 33k of weight.  Not only did the pupils enjoy their introduction to engineering, but their communication and team work skills were all improved.

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