Exploring Ancient Greece

St Benedict's School | 10 Nov 2017
Pupils from Year 8 to the Sixth Form embarked on an exciting adventure to Greece in October, which took them to Delphi, Corinth, Mycenae, and a host of other ancient sites.
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The Classics trip began in Athens, where the group made their way up to Areopagus to enjoy views of the modern city, the Acropolis, and a brief history of Athens at the time of the Ancient Greeks. At the Acropolis, they imagined the many plays that were first performed there, in the Theatre of Dionysus.  

At the ancient site of Corinth, they learned more about the everyday life of the Achaeans. At Epidauros, they visited the Sanctuary of Asklepios, where people would pray for their various ailments to be healed, and the incredible theatre of Epidauros, where they tested the acoustics with a reading from Oedipus the King.

The tour continued with visits to the prehistoric fortresses of Mycenae and Tiryns, to marvel at the ingenuity of the architecture, which would have made any attack virtually impossible.

Next, it was on to Olympia and the site of Delphi, before the tour concluded at Cape Sunion.

The Head of Classics at St Benedict’s, Mr Shaun Hullis, said: “In an increasingly multi-cultural and globalised society, it has never been more relevant to learn about ancient societies. This fascinating trip enabled our students to appreciate that Ancient Greece had a fundamental impact on the language, culture, architecture, politics, and institutions of western civilisation.”

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