Moreton Hall Win District Final in Rotary “Youth Speaks” Competition

Moreton Hall School | 13 Mar 2019 | ISC Icon GSA Icon HMC Icon
Moreton Hall was awarded first place in the Intermediate Heat of the Rotary Youth Speaks competition, held at Glyndwr University in March. Their topic: Sexism Not Solved Just Changed.
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The Year 10 team consisted of Grace Naylor, Lottie Pryce and Eloise Bowyer, all of whom contributed to the team’s success.

Acting as chairwoman, Grace commented: “My role required me to introduce the topic of the talk. As a chairwoman you have to be spontaneous and respond to the judge’s comments and the audience’s questions.”

She went on to say, “It was a tough competition: the judges were firm but constructive in their criticism. We are working on their advice for the next round.”

As keynote speaker, Eloise commented: “I gave a talk called Sexism has not been solved just changed. I talked about LGBTQ rights and women’s rights tracking the development here in the UK from the Suffragettes to the ubiquitous MeToo Movement.

Giving the vote of thanks, Lottie added, “To conclude I thanked the hosts, the speakers and the audience. My role required me to improvise and to consider comments made on Eloise’s speech.”

Head of Spoken English at Moreton Hall, Merriel Halsall-Williams enthused, “I am delighted at the girls’ success. They spoke with poise and charisma on a topical issue. They will now progress to the North West Regional Competition which is to be held on Saturday 23rd March.”

About Moreton Hall School

Moreton is seen as a forward-looking school where we value academic success and extra-curricular achievement equally. The school is known for being small, friendly and open, not cluttered by petty rules, but with a clear set of values agreed upon and respected by all members of the school community.

Established in 1913 by the Lloyd-Williams family, today Moreton Hall is proud to be one of the UK's highest achieving independent girls' schools.

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