Pupils learn to restart a heart with British Heart Foundation

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On Tuesday, 16 October, more than 270 pupils at Rendcomb College took part in ‘restart a heart’ day in association with the British Heart Foundation.
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With the use of training kits and mannequins provided by the British Heart Foundation, the pupils, from Year 7 to Year 13, learnt the necessary CPR skills to help save someone’s life in an emergency.

The six simple steps that could help save a life are:

SHAKE and shout for help
CHECK if the person is breathing
CALL 999 immediately
PUSH hard and fast on the centre of the chest 30 times
Give two RESCUE breaths
REPEAT until help arrives
Julia Vaughan, Registered Nurse at Rendcomb College and the event’s organiser said: “We are thrilled to be taking part in this national initiative once again. It is important that we prepare our students with the skills necessary to help and potentially save a life in an emergency situation.”

She continued: “It is fantastic that the Government is making it compulsory for all pupils to learn some form of first aid, especially CPR. With more initiatives like this in schools we can help increase survival rates and match countries like Norway making our country a safer place in the process.”

The team of Registered Nurses at Rendcomb College, along with First Aid trained Sixth Form and Senior School students, taught pupils the lifesaving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills which will help double the chances of survival for someone in cardiac arrest.

James, a Senior School helper said: “It is important for everyone to have this knowledge in order to be prepared for any situation that may come their way. When there are no adults around it is important that we all know how to handle ourselves in a situation and respond effectively in an emergency.”

By 2020, CPR training will become compulsory in all schools in England as part of the Health Education course where senior school pupils will be taught CPR along with how to treat common injuries. Junior school pupils will also learn basic first aid and the steps they can take to protect and support the health of others.

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