Repton launches Social Media Ambassadors

Repton School | 10 Nov 2017 | ISC Icon HMC Icon
Repton School have this week launched Repton Social Media Ambassadors – a group of pupils who have collaborated to bring updates, awareness, and useful insights to the Repton community on the topic of social media.
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This new initiative grew out of the pupils’ involvement in social research projects at the universities of Nottingham and Warwick where the group heard inspirational stories about the impact of youth projects.

The group produces a fortnightly bulletin on social media issues and advice which goes out to both pupils and staff. They are also embarking on peer mentoring training via ASDAN, a leading training provider. This will allow them to take their support and advice into the community more widely.

Repton teacher and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Mr James Wilton commented: “At the university events we heard about how pupils as young as 11 were consulted on social media legislation by members of the House of Lords, and about online campaigns designed and run by young people, for young people. We felt strongly that education and support regarding uses (and abuses) of social media could and should involve strong pupil leadership. Then the penny dropped - I was sat with a group of young Reptonians who were already well-versed in this world and could be a force for good in the Repton community. The project has grown from there.”

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