Sienna's Lego dream comes to life

Gayhurst School | 10 Oct 2017
Earlier in the year Year 4 (now 5) pupil, Sienna, entered a LEGO Friends ‘international’ design competition and won.
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During the proceeding Summer holidays Sienna had an exciting surprise package arrive for her at her home in Buckinghamshire. It was her design made into an actual LEGO set including a mini model/likeness of herself which is now available to buy in shops.

Sienna bought her LEGO Friends set in to school to show her teachers and classmates. It is a very detailed play set and of course includes a model/likeness of Sienna herself and her gran’s dog Pippa in LEGO form.

Headmaster, Mr Davies said, “All of us here, at Gayhurst, are very proud of Sienna’s achievement. The whole school watched her video at the end of term assembly in July.  It is so inspiring for her classmates to see the finished article.  Creativity is so important within education and it is clear that Sienna has excelled in this regard”

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