UCS Students Through To World Finals

University College School | 8 Feb 2018 | ISC Icon HMC Icon
A team of UCS students finished second in the national safe cracking competition and will now compete for the world title in Israel in March.
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UCS Students are looking forward to competing in the world finals

Safe cracking is normally something one might associate with bank heists in Hollywood blockbuster movies. Yet the Weizmann Institute organises an annual safe cracking competition every year for school pupils at Dulwich College. However, unlike the run-of-the-mill safes found in banks and jewellers these safes are designed by the Sixth Form students and can only be opened by solving a series of Physics riddles set by the students themselves.

University College School made its debut in the competition this year, and a team comprising of Louis Cutner, Jack Baum and Amir Rahman made its way to South London last Sunday for the national heats. They were confident that the safe they had spent much of January constructing – under the guidance of UCS’s Designer in Residence Henry Franks – would prove a challenge to any team they came up against.

The boys spent the day working through the challenges posed by the other schools which pushed their problem solving skills to the limit. No team managed to crack the UCS safe and after a thorough interrogation from the judges, the team was placed 2nd out of the 23 schools present. This meant the school has qualified for the world finals of this competition which means they will be heading to Israel in March to take on other teams from around the world.

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