A New Year and a New Look

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Greenfield School pupils returned from their summer holidays in a brand new uniform, completing a gradual update the school's branding, which has given the school a fresh, modern new look.
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Greenfield School pupils returned to school in a brand new uniform this September. The school, which educates children aged rising 3 to 11 years, took the decision to redesign the uniform in order to bring the school’s image in line with their modern and forward-thinking philosophy.

During the last academic year, the school’s crest was given a new lease of life, completing a gradual introduction of more modern lines across the school’s communications and branding. The uniform was the final element to bring the re-branding to completion and the whole school now has a very modern, crisp look.

Unsurprisingly, green remains the main colour for the blazers, jumpers, hats, as well as girls’ tunics and skirts. This dark, bottle green has long been associated with Greenfield pupils in and around the Woking area and the school was keen to retain this connection. Until September 2017, the dark green has been paired with red, but since the elimination of red from the school’s crest the uniform now contrasts with mint green and white to give a fresh pop to the darker green colour. The tie has changed from red to dark and mint green stripes, and the girls’ winter hats are now adorned with a mint green ribbon.

Headmistress, Mrs Tania Botting, said of the uniform, “We are delighted with how the new uniform looks. It is crisp and fresh and better reflects the high standards we have at Greenfield. The children look incredibly smart and I hope that they share in my pride for Greenfield School when wearing their uniform.”

Greenfield is a school where nothing stands still for very long. Many other improvements took place over the summer holiday, including some very impressive changes to onsite facilities.

The school’s playground has had a huge makeover and now has recess goals, new, higher fencing, sport grade kickboards and a brand new playing surface. Bursar, Mr Tim Roads commented, “It is a complete transformation and one which will benefit all of our pupils in their PE lessons and sports games. We are looking forward to welcome other local schools for matches in the near future.”

The court is marked out for Netball and Tennis and has recess goals to allow hockey and football training to take place. In their first PE lesson of the term, Year 5 and 6 girls played netball on the surface and it was immediately noticeable the difference that the new facility made to the girls. They cannot wait for their first matches of the season.

To compliment the PE department, the pupils’ kit has been reviewed to include more modern garments and colours. The red polo shirts have been replaced with white and green sports polos and the tracksuits, shorts and skorts are now navy blue. The kit is all tied together by the very striking hooped rugby socks in navy, dark green and white.

For the creative pupils, a fantastic upgrade to the Art studio has resulted in a light and airy space for children to pursue all manner of artistic genres. All of the fixtures and fittings have been replaced and will allow for more space when the children are working on larger projects.

Also part of the upgrade was the cooking facility, where a brand new kitchen has been installed and a kitchen island fitted at a lower level to allow the children to safely participate in cooking and baking activities. The staff are excited to see what concoctions are cooked up in the kitchen this year!

As another busy year begins the new installations and facilities will be put to the test. But, despite the new look, Greenfield will continue to be the inclusive, welcoming and happy school is always has been; and it will continue to be a mainstay in the bustling town of Woking.

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