Dauntsey’s Design Technology Team Research Design Solutions for Forest School

Dauntsey's School | 5 Feb 2019 | ISC Icon HMC Icon
A group of Lower Sixth Design Technology pupils at Dauntsey’s have selected Saplings Forest School in Rushall as the site where they will identify problems that could be solved by the design and development of a new product.
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Dauntsey's Sixth Form Design Technology pupils conducting research at Saplings Forest Pre-School

The initiative simulates their Non-Exam Assessment (NEA) coursework, where they are required to identify a real problem or need and develop a marketable product to solve it. The NEA also requires ‘real time’ evidence of their investigations and interactions with stakeholders.

Pete Guille, Design Technology Teacher, Dauntsey’s said: “We are very grateful to the staff at Saplings Forest School for welcoming us and explaining to our budding designers the challenges faced by offering early years education in the great outdoors, all year round.

“I am excited to see the results of the pupils’ investigations and ideas to help create an even better experience for the pre-school children who use this site.”

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