Hoe Bridge School Head Receives IAPS Outstanding Service Award

Hoe Bridge Pre-Prep School | 11 Oct 2017 | ISC Icon IAPS Icon
The Head of Pre-Prep at Hoe Bridge School has been awarded an Outstanding Service Award at the annual Independent Association of Prep Schools Heads’ conference.
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Linda Renfrew, Head of Pre-Prep at the school in Old Woking has been honored by the Independent Association of Prep Schools with an Outstanding Service Award whilst attending the annual IAPS Heads’ conference in Edinburgh. After being piped in to the spectacular atrium setting of the city’s museum and before an audience of 650 heads and guests, Mr David Hanson, CEO of IAPS, praised Linda for her dedication to Pre-Preps over many years as he presented her with the award.

Linda first worked with IAPS in 1985 and has continued since then to support the association and promote Pre-Prep education. She became a member of IAPS in 2003 when membership was widened to include Pre-Prep heads and has run conferences, courses and been an invited member of the Education and Strategy Committee; represented Pre-Preps at IAPS Council and been an active member of the Pre-Prep Advisory Group.

"This award is so special to me," Linda said during her thank you speech, "to be given this in my home town where I started my teaching career almost 40 years ago to the day and in front of so many respected heads and colleagues is over whelming."

In a recent chat with Nursery children at her school someone described her as ‘The Boss’, not a term she likes to use about herself, to which a three year old little girl burst out laughing and said ‘She’s not the boss!’ "You can always trust a three year old to put you in your place!" remarked Linda. 

Once back in Surrey, she showed off her award to the children at assembly and told them why she had been given it. Once the applause and cheering had finished it was back to work as normal.

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About Hoe Bridge Pre-Prep School

Hoe Bridge School is set in a perfect location on the outskirts of Woking, Surrey surrounded by 22 acres of beautiful grounds and woodland and is only 20 minutes from London. It is an IAPS for boys & girls aged between 2 1/2 and 13. It has an extremely good reputation and is constantly striving to preserve the atmosphere, improve results and explore all possibilities for enriching both the School and the children.

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