Parents donate a book for every child at Bolton School’s Infant School

Parents at Bolton School's Infant School, won an 'author visit for the day' NSPCC auction and offered it to their daughter's school. All 202 infants enjoyed Christina Gabbitas' visit and were given a signed copy of 'Save Us" signed by the author.

Parents donate a book for every child at Bolton School’s Infant School
Photo: Bolton School

Children at Beech House, Bolton School’s Infant School for girls and boys aged 3 to 7 years, enjoyed a World Book Day visit from author Christina Gabbitas.

Her visit came as a result of the generosity of parents Toni and Mark Hawthornthwaite whose daughter Valentina is a pupil at the School.

The couple won an NSPCC auction for an author day and donated their prize to the independent day school.

On top of that, they also bought a copy of Christina’s best-selling children’s book ‘Save Us’ for each of the 202 children, which the author duly signed!

Christina spent the day at the school addressing each year group.

She delivered engaging and interactive sessions which involved her reading her stories in a range of voices, rapping her poetry with the children and giving an exclusive airing to a short animated film of her ‘Save Us’ book, which is due to be launched over the coming weekend at The Deep in Hull.

She also spoke to the boys and girls about her own life and how she had become a writer; almost falling into it, having written some stories for her own children.

She had been inspired, she said, by her mother’s adage that it is better to try and fail than not to try at all.

Christina’s books include the Felicity Fly series, Triangular Trev and Mohna Lott as well as ‘Save Us’ — a rescue story about a Seal, Sea Turtle and Whale, which addresses the problem of plastic pollution.

Photo: Bolton School

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