The Royal Academy of Arts selects work by St Mary's girls for new Summer Show

St Mary's Calne | 13 Jun 2019
Out of over 6,200 artworks submitted, we are very proud that three St Mary's Calne students have had their work selected by the Royal Academy of Arts for their inaugural Young Artists' Summer Show (YASS).
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Self Portrait by Jane

We are delighted that Jane (current Year 12 Art Scholar), and sisters Alice and Clara Wade (2018 Leavers) have had their artwork selected for the first ever Young Artists’ Summer Show (YASS) at the Royal Academy of Arts.

The artworks Self Portrait (by Jane) Mother Bird (Alice Wade) and Alien (Clara Wade) were three of only 139 artworks chosen out of over 6,200 artworks; the girls should feel extremely proud! The pieces were judged by Royal Academicians and art experts and will be curated by RA Bob and Roberta Smith. The selected Artists are invited to attend the Private View for the exhibition, taking place on Saturday 13th July and the works will be on display at the RA from Saturday 13th July - Sunday 4th August.

The work Home by Mya (current Year 12 student) was selected for the online exhibition and Lucy Bradley’s (2018 Leaver) work Alice was shortlisted.

Jane, Year 11: Self-Portrait, Oil Paint on Canvas

The artwork of Thomas Lawrence taught me how to control delicate brush strokes and how to focus on tonal detail of the skin. I am wearing school uniform to represent my identity as an international student studying in a UK boarding school. The interiors behind me were inspired by the Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershøi.

Alice Wade, Year 13: Mother Bird, Video

Featuring my own poetry, Mother Bird is about the pain that a mother passes onto her daughter, and more broadly about the unavoidable pain that comes with being a woman. The film is inspired by the raw, autobiographical nature of Frida Kahlo's painting My Birth and Sylvia Plath's poem Morning Song. It explores postpartum depression, self-hatred and the complex relationship between mother and child.

Clara Wade, Year 13: Alien, Mixed Media

For this piece I wanted to see how far the human figure could be contorted to create a foreign alien form whilst still eerily echoing parts of our own anatomy. The species lives on a 'pink planet' so I immersed it in the hue using different materials to create a very textured and tactile surface, further detaching it from our own smooth skin - it is ultimately a creature of my imagination.

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Photo: Home by Mya
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Photo: Mother Bird by Alice Wade
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Photo: Alice by Lucy Bradley
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Photo: Alien by Clara Wade

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