Berkhamsted Schools Group pulls together for Ukraine

Earlier this month, families and staff at the Berkhamsted Schools Group came together to participate in two Ukrainian Relief Effort Schemes co-ordinated by the humanitarian organisation Te Aud Romania.

Berkhamsted Schools Group pulls together for Ukraine
Berkhamsted staff loading up all the donations ready for transportation (Photo: Berkhamsted School)

Many communities across the globe have responded with compassion and support in response to the devastating conflict in Ukraine.

The Berkhamsted School Community has been no different, promoting two Ukrainian Relief Effort schemes co-ordinated by the humanitarian organisation Te Aud Romania, a Romanian-based charity registered in the UK.

Families and staff were extremely proactive in donating goods and managed to collect enough personal hygiene products to fill an entire van!

The donated goods were collected and transported by the school's Estates Team to a local DHL Express depot.

DHL Express is providing free transportation of the donated items, via a member of the school community, to Romania.

Richard Thompson, Assistant Vice Principal (External Relations), said: "Being involved in these schemes has been exceptionally rewarding but also humbling.

"The support shown by our school community, in providing items that will make such a difference to refugees who have very little, has been truly touching.

"I have been continually updated as the donated goods have travelled through Brussels to Budapest and onwards to Bucharest before making the final journey to the destination in Suceava County.

"Amazing. Thank you everyone."

Berkhamsted staff at DHL Express (Photo: Berkhamsted School)

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