Clayesmore Prep wins Better Energy School Award with Time's up for SUP campaign

Clayesmore Preparatory School | 11 Jun 2018 | Featured Story | ISC Icon IAPS Icon
Clayesmore Prep Year 6 has been voted the Regional Winner for Wales & West in the Better Energy School Awards with their ‘Time’s up for SUP‘ campaign. The £500 prize money they receive will help further develop environmental education at the school.
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Clayesmore Year 6 calling time on Single-Use Plastic.

The campaign against disposable plastics devised by Clayesmore Prep's Year 6 has been voted the Regional Winner for Wales & West in the Better Energy School Awards. The prize of £500 will help further develop environmental education at the school. Mrs Sarah Panton, Clayesmore Prep’s Head of Geography and Science, who has been instrumental in co-ordinating the efforts of the Year 6 pupils, said: “Our pupils immediately rose to the challenge of changing the whole school attitude to Single-Use Plastic (SUP). They transferred the knowledge they gained into an enthusiastic and informative campaign.”

The Young People’s Trust for the Environment, who awarded the prize, noted that “there was a marked improvement in the standard of entries this year and over 21,000 children were involved in submitting projects for the Awards, so to become a Regional Winner is a considerable achievement.”

The campaign has been an excellent way to raise awareness of environmental questions, and the need to reduce, reuse and recycle. The Year 6 children campaigned to challenge and inspire all members of the school community to cut back on Single-Use Plastic: They wrote a play, composed a rap, created a banner as well as posters with shocking facts about plastics, and even designed a computer game around the theme. They also filmed interviews with Deputy Head, Mrs Reach, and Head of Catering, Mr Church, to get their views on for example reducing plastic packaging. The competition they ran to design a logo for a reusable plastic water bottle has resulted into a batch of bottles with the the winning logo already produced and used for school trips, and parents have also been buying them for their children.

The Better Energy School Awards for Excellence in Environmental Education enables the study of a huge range of environmental topics in a cross-curricular way through subjects like Art, English, History, Mathematics and Home Economics, as well as the more obvious ones like Science, Geography and Design & Technology. 

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