Monmouth students provide Christmas cheer for Eastern European children

Monmouth School for Girls | 20 Dec 2018 | Featured Story | ISC Icon GSA Icon HMC Icon
Kind-hearted Monmouth pupils filled 56 boxes with items for Link to Hope's Christmas Shoe Box Appeal.
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Students at Monmouth School for Girls have donated Christmas presents to more than 50 children in Eastern Europe.

The kind-hearted Monmouth pupils filled 56 boxes with items, including teddy bears, soap and notebooks, for Link to Hope's Christmas Shoe Box Appeal.

Link to Hope is a Christian charity run by volunteers who take the shoe boxes to children in poor parts of Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine.

Link to Hope volunteer, Mrs Daphne Haig, said: “The joy on the faces of the families, children and elderly who receive these presents is always heart-warming and humbling.

"Their lives are indescribable, often without electricity and running clean water. It is a luxury for them to receive a warm scarf, a toy, or even a bar of soap.

“At least 56 people will be thrilled to receive Christmas boxes from Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools.”

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