UCS Hampstead Pupils Give Two-Tonne Donation To Food Bank

University College School | 11 Oct 2017
On Friday 6th October, UCS students organised a food collection which was then donated to North Paddington Food Bank. The event was a phenomenal success: 33 boxes, each weighing 65 kg, were delivered to the Food Bank in the afternoon.
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What started as an off-the-cuff remark by a student became reality on Friday as UCS students donated over two tonnes of food to the North Paddington Food Bank. Benjamin Byre, 16, and a group of friends decided to collect food on the first Friday in October to send to the Food Bank.

Benjamin explained that, “We just wanted to do something that had a direct impact on people’s lives.” Joshua Naftalin, 15, said “We gave each year group in the school a specific item of food to buy. For example, we asked the Year 7 pupils to bring in pasta but we never expected such a massive response from the whole school community.”  

The boys packed the food into thirty-three boxes, each of which weighed around 65 kg, and arranged for the school maintenance team kindly to help with delivering the food. However, they did not anticipate that the school van would not be big enough to cope with the volume of food. The food was delivered in the afternoon and is already being used by those who need it in the local area. Vanessa Rogers, a support worker at the Food Bank said, “We are overwhelmed by the size of the delivery. We have never received such a large donation and we are humbled by the organisation and work of these teenage boys.”

Pupils across the school are now busily planning events for UCS’s Community Action – a 7 week period after the half-term break of creative fundraising for local and national charities.

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