Where does it all go wrong?

Are schools doing enough to promote diversity, tolerance and equality? Jason Whiskerd, Headmaster of Brentwood Preparatory School, explores what is being done to make sure the lessons learnt in school last a lifetime.

Testing times

The real abilities of pupils can be overlooked due to the standardised hoops they need to jump through to gain entry to senior school. Simon Larter-Evans of St Paul's Cathedral School takes a deliberately provocative look at Cognitive Ability Tests.

Returning in a new spirit

The return to school will be harder for children than after the last lockdown, foresees Colin Baty, Head of Bedales Prep, Dunhurst. But it is also the time to take a fresh approach to how children learn.

Reassuring values from the past

The new normal is bringing myriad challenges for schools and pupils – especially those at boarding schools. Tim Hands of Winchester College explores what our future educational provision might learn from the past.

Rethinking the school gate

The drastic changes needed for socially-distanced pick up and drop off has had unintended positive consequences, explains Susan McLean of Kitebrook Preparatory School. Is it time to rethink the school gate permanently?

Rethinking education

Our education system is skewed too much towards assessment. John Attwater of King's Ely outlines how it could shift to place a far greater emphasis on equipping pupils with the right skills for the future.

The journey ahead

Deciding how to tackle the educational issues of our time requires some reflection. Simon Larter-Evans of St Paul's Cathedral School looks at how the past decade has shaped the educational issues ahead.

Roll out that magic carpet

Teacher recruitment is an area which few parents will have spent much time thinking about yet it is hugely important. Tim Hands reflects on the best ways of appointing staff and what this means for parents and pupils.

Sustainable futures

Sustainability is very much a way of life for today's children. Kay Goldsworthy of St Ives explores the wide range of changes both schools and parents can make to develop a more sustainable outlook.

Will robots replace teachers?

Artificial intelligence is already in use in schools across the country and often in unseen ways. Vivienne Durham of GSA discusses the role of AI and wonders whether machines will replace teachers.

Women are not small men

Gendered stereotyping is all around us and its impact is far from benign, explains Jane Gandee of St Swithun's. From an early age, it can affect the choices our children make and their future careers.

The truly beautiful game

The traditional image of chess is wrong says Richard Cairns, Head Master of Brighton College. Chess offers pupils an opportunity to grow in confidence and learn new skills.

Good future citizens

All schools have rules. Sometimes it seems that the older the school, the more rules it is likely to have accumulated. Tim Hands examines the ethos and wisdom underlying the rules at prep schools.

A voice in society

Pupils have long sought to express their views through a school council but as Sue Hincks, Head of Bolton School Girls' Division discovers, the debates today are firmly focussed on big global issues.

Valuing friendships

The importance of friendship has often been overlooked by education professionals. Charlotte de la Peña looks at a fresh approach to the difficult issue of trying to solve pupil friendship problems.

Teaching leadership

Opportunities for a child to develop leadership skills are limited. John Gilmour, Head of Craigclowan Prep in Perthshire, argues it is time everyone has the chance to lead.


So what does the future really hold? One thing is certain: the future is unpredictable. Matthew Smith explores the future of work and how parents can help children to grasp the unpredictable world ahead of them.

Diversity in schools

Attending a truly diverse school gives pupils significant benefits for later life. Rose Hardy, Headmistress of St Margaret's School, looks at how schools can provide an environment which supports all children.

The view from here

What will Brexit bring? Hopefully not too much economic downturn and perhaps something of an educational upturn. Tim Hands reflects on rising fees, rising standards, and changing climates.