Alleyn’s celebrates excellent GCSE grades

Boys and girls at co-educational Alleyn’s are delighted by strong GCSE grades after an extraordinary period of uncertainly was ended by the government decision to honour centre-assessed grades.

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20th August 2020 — Year 11 girls and boys both performed well at Alleyn’s, which is one of the UK’s top independent day schools and which become fully co-educational in 1976, one of the first schools of its kind to do so. The results, which are in line with the high expectations for this talented cohort and match some of the best in recent years, continue a long-held tradition of co-educational academic success at the School. Virtually all the pupils now progress to the Upper School at Alleyn’s to pursue their selected A level subjects and to develop their personal skills and interests through the School’s extensive co-curricular offer.

Interim Headmaster Andy Skinnard said: “We are so pleased for all of our Year 11 cohort, who, like their Year 13 counterparts, have experienced an extremely anxious few months as they adapted first to life in lockdown, and then to the various government announcements around public examinations and the consequent results process. We hope that today provides welcome reassurance to them and marks the happy beginning of an exciting next stage to their career at Alleyn’s. Their excellent results are, of course, a fitting outcome of their commitment and enthusiasm for learning throughout their entire time at Alleyn’s. We are incredibly impressed by the resilience they have shown in recent months, and for all the energy they have brought to School life throughout lockdown and indeed before. Today I am delighted to see these wonderful young people achieve grades they so fully deserve, and look forward to seeing them continue to flourish in our Upper School when School restarts in September. Of course, we are still keenly aware that this has been an extremely trying period for our Year 13 students, who we remain committed to helping as they work through the implications of recent decisions.”

Head of Middle School Mel Joel said: “Our boys and girls can feel incredibly proud of their results today, and reassured that the outcomes are based on a fair, considered and extensive evaluation process. I hope that their achievements are a cause for celebration and satisfaction for both them and their families. Our thanks go out to every one of them for their fortitude, and of course we are grateful to our wonderful staff for their tireless efforts to support, inspire and lead the School community throughout this frustrating time. We look forward to welcoming both pupils and staff back on site in September, so we can continue our exciting learning journeys, together and in person.”

In common with schools across the UK, teachers at Alleyn’s were asked to make their best professional assessment of the grades they believe their pupils would have been awarded had the public exams gone ahead this summer, in accordance with the criteria sent to all schools by Ofqual. Staff followed a rigorous process, using all of their professional experience and building upon their extensive knowledge of the pupils to assign grades and rank orders as fairly and accurately as possible.

Throughout recent months, the School has continuously sought to support its pupils – and their families - with the compassion and pastoral care for which Alleyn’s is so highly-regarded. Its holistic provision continues to create a learning community within which boys and girls learn, grow, overcome challenges, and strive to succeed together, whatever the circumstances.

Alleyn's (Coed 4-18) is a day school in South East London.

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