St Margaret's Prep Calne enjoy Mini Eisteddfod

Talented pupils at St Margaret's Prep, Calne were able to enjoy their moment in the spotlight despite Wiltshire’s biggest music and drama festival becoming a casualty of Covid.

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11th December 2020 — Devizes Eisteddfod attracts hundreds of children from schools across the county every autumn but this year it was unable to go ahead because of coronavirus restrictions.

Hilary Gibbin, Head of Performing arts at St Margaret’s decided the school would stage its own mini version of the event and record the children’s performances for parents to enjoy.

She said: “We had a total of 95 entries in a wide range of classes for the St Margaret’s Mini Eisteddfod, including singing, instrument playing, drama and recitals. All the things you would usually expect at Devizes Eisteddfod apart from the dancing. The children performed in their bubbles over a period of a week. There was no judging, but it was a real celebration of music and drama.”

Families were able to enjoy seeing their children perform via the parent portal on the school’s website.

St Margaret's Preparatory School (Coed 2-11) is a day school in Wiltshire.

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