Lanesborough Supports the Cherry Tree Respite Care Facility

This year, Lanesborough Prep School in Guildford is supporting Cherry Trees, a local respite care facility for children with a range of disabilities.

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28th March 2019 — The School has already raised £1,300 for the charity and will be running a second fundraising event later in the year. Boys will be allowed to spend the day in their pyjamas in exchange for a small donation. The idea is that the day will pay for a child to spend a night at Cherry Trees, allowing family members to get a full night’s sleep.

Working in close partnership with the facility, Lanesborough pupils are also undertaking an advocacy role to support the children of Cherry Trees. Year 7 boys will be designing visual resources for use at the Guildford Spectrum. These will enable any non-verbal visitors to communicate with Spectrum staff.

Guildford Spectrum fully supports the project, and has said it will consider using the Lanesborough images alongside existing signage as well to facilitate visitor engagement for all children and adults.

Finally, Lanesborough Year 6 boys are writing their own song, “Understanding Autism”. It will be included in a performance and music workshop for Cherry Trees children to be held at the School on 7th June.

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RGS Prep (Boys 3-11) is a day school in Surrey.

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