Partnership with Windsor Community Defibrillators

St George’s School are teaming up with The WCDP to raise money to install more Automated External Defibrillators around Windsor. A fundraiser event will take place on 21 November where students and staff will complete a 'Three Peaks Challenge'.

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6th November 2019 — St George’s School are teaming up with The WCDP – made up of local volunteer community groups Windsor St George Rotary Club, Windsor Street Angels, The Town Partnership, Thames Valley Police and Windsor Lions to raise money install more Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) around Windsor.

We have raised £300 towards this worthwhile cause in our first initiative: ‘Guess the Number of Balls’ defibrillator challenge.

On 21 November between 2pm-4pm, we will be undertaking a second fundraiser. St George’s Young Leaders, Windsor Girl volunteers, local PCSCO David Bullock and our Year 4 teacher, Richard Wilson will be completing a ‘Three Peaks Challenge’. We will be simulating climbing the combined height of the three highest mountains in the world by going around the triangle in Home Park Private. We will be completing this in as many unique ways as we can, such as hopping, dancing and perhaps even ‘moon-walking’.

This will be a crowd-funded event, which will be open to donations from both school communities, friends, family and the local community.

Organiser at St Georges School, Mr Wilson said 'the young leaders at St Georges School as well as volunteers from Windsor Girls School are looking forward immensely to raising money for such a worthwhile cause.'

'We are going to run, walk, hop and use other inventive ideas to cover the distance of the three peaks challenge’.

St George's School Windsor Castle (Coed 3-13) is a day and boarding school in Berkshire.

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