St Michael's Prep School buys a Bugzi!

On Friday 8th March, pupils at St Michael’s Prep School in Otford took part in a ‘Shoot-a-thon’, to raise money for this term’s chosen charity, The Queen Elizabeth Foundation (QEF), to raise money for a Bugzi.

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21st March 2019 — This is a paediatric motorised wheelchair, which is offered to families in need on a loan basis by the charity. The School Council, made up of pupils from Years 3-8, decided to support this charity for the entire term and as the main thrust of their fundraising efforts, elected to hold a sponsored ‘Shoot-a-thon’ to raise the £5,000 required to buy one outright.

On the day, enthusiasm abounded as the children set out to score as many shots/ baskets/ goals as possible in 30secs in either football, netball or basketball. Once the sponsorship money had been counted, we were thrilled to find that we had raised enough to buy the wheelchair!

We’re looking forward to QEF coming to the school to show us the wheelchair in action and to learn more about the work they do.

St Michael's Prep School (Coed 2-13) is a day school in Kent.

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