Ashville College pupils promote 'The Five Ways to Wellbeing'

Ashville College pupils have participated in a series of activities to promote 'The Five Ways to Wellbeing'. This included creating an 'Action for Happiness' calendar and over 80 pupils bringing along their pets to a virtual assembly.

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7th February 2021 — Children’s Mental Health Week 2021 (1-7 February), the theme of which this year is ‘Express Yourself’, saw pupils from Ashville’s Prep and Senior Schools participating in a series of online and offline activities to promote ‘The Five Ways to Wellbeing’.

Originally developed by the New Economics Foundation and promoted by the NHS, the five steps are to: connect with other people, be physically active, learn new skills, give to others, and take notice of the present moment.

Ashville Prep School saw pupils joining in with an initiative from the Children's Commissioner - the ‘Digital 5 A Day’.

Each day, they watched a different ‘Digital 5 A Day CHALLENGE’ video led by vlogger, Simply Luke, which then formed the basis of a tutor-time discussion.

The school continues to have tutor time twice a day for children to speak with class teachers should they need to, and class teachers are available during the afternoons for pastoral meetings on Microsoft Teams or via a phone call.

And whilst the lockdown continues, Ashville Prep School’s home learning timetable has been designed to have time in an afternoon away from the screens, so that children and families can undertake a variety of activities such as baking, reading and walking.

In the Senior School, pupils in Year 10 and 11 have been participating in regular assemblies with the College Chaplains to explore how they are part of a wider community and to remind them of the support systems available to them.

Year 9 pupils have been asked to complete a different task that supports their mental wellbeing which included 'get outside and notice five things that are beautiful', 'contribute positively to a good cause', 'get back in touch with a friend you miss', and 'go to bed in good time and give yourself time to recharge'.

Year 8 pupils created an 'Action for Happiness' calendar on a PowerPoint display whilst Year 7s enjoyed some ‘pet therapy’ to boost their mood and over 80 pupils brought along their pet to a virtual assembly.

Laura Jackson, Ashville College Acting Deputy Head (Pastoral), said: "Wellbeing and mental health awareness is an ongoing priority at Ashville, and not just something we pay lip service to one week every year.

"This year, the focus in PSHE (personal, social, health and economic education) and wellbeing lessons has remained firmly on mental health.

"The impact of COVID-19 and the three lockdowns has had a huge impact nationally on children’s mental health, and this is something we are acutely aware of.

"The College is always looking at ways to improve the wellbeing of both staff and pupils, and we regularly share lots of tips with our pupils during tutor time and wellbeing lessons.

"We use breakout rooms on Microsoft Teams to give pupils the opportunity to chat with each other, as this is one of the vital things missing from remote education.

"Making sure nobody feels lost or alone, we have daily tutorials for form groups to touch base with one another and start their day together.

"Through awareness, engagement and recognition we hope our pupils continue to feel confident to talk about how they are feeling and to recognise it’s ‘okay not to feel okay’."

Ashville College (Coed 3-18) is a day and boarding school in Yorkshire.

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