St George's School speak with Ocean Polymers on plastic waste in the oceans

Ocean Polymers share thoughts and ideas on plastic waste in the oceans with the students at St Georges School Windsor Castle.

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13th May 2019 — The Ocean Polymers team had the pleasure of engaging the thoughts and ideas of the students, aged 7-13, at this unique and historical school’s Friday morning assembly.

The Ocean Polymers project plans to deliver a fleet of marine based waste processing systems which will go directly to the heart of the problem, operating in the world’s oceans, river mouths and estuaries. Producing valuable synthetic gas from the plastic and waste collected, this will be utilised to fuel the boat making it a fully sustainable project.

One element of the projects work focuses on the sharing of knowledge and raising awareness of the problem, in a bid to help people understand their part and how we are all connected to the ocean. Working with schools and communities is a key part of the Ocean Polymers mission and values.

St Georges School, Windsor castle is a unique school steeped in heritage and tradition situated in the most beautiful surroundings. Uniquely, through an alignment with Dive Crew of Crowthorn, (the UKs only Gold Star IDC Centre) Scuba diving is on the curriculum for the students.

Executive Director, Project and Operations Manager Heather Wigglesworth said of the opportunity: “What an absolute honour to talk ideas and consider the impact of the mess we have made in our oceans with an exceptional group of children. Their questions and genuine concern at the damage we have caused is so reassuring that the next generation really care about the mess their predecessors have made. The fact this school facilitates an introduction to scuba diving at an early age, which always generates an inherent love of our ocean planet, is just fantastic. I can’t think of an audience I would enjoy engaging more.”

Head Master William Goldsmith reflected on the morning saying: It was an absolute privilege for our school community to hear of such an inspirational initiative this morning, and it truly captured the interest and hearts of the pupils and staff alike. As we consider how much damage we are doing to our oceans, and therefore the global environment and our own humanity on such a devastating scale, I couldn’t have been more reassured to watch how our young people responded so powerfully to the talk. As we look to the next generation to deal with the challenges left to them by decades of neglectful actions, I could see a strong reaction, challenging questioning and a collective thought process from the pupils to make a difference. The buzz around school today from staff and pupils, all wanting to do something to help this project, demonstrates the opportunity for change. As one Year 5 pupil asked, “At what stage does the damage become irreversible?”

St George's School Windsor Castle (Coed 3-13) is a day and boarding school in Berkshire.

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