Woking School Elect Halstead Prime Minister!

Girls at Halstead Preparatory School in Woking participated in a mock general election debate to become Halstead's Prime Minister.

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1st May 2015 — Seven brave girls from Years 4, 5 and 6 at Halstead Preparatory School participated in a mock general election debate on Thursday 30th April to try to become Halstead's Prime Minister. They came up with their own party names, colours and platform of ideas of what they would do if they were ever given the chance to be the country's Prime Minister. Some ideas included banning cars from schools to promote walking and cycling, giving free food and education to poor children around the world, making sure that there are more Science lessons at schools and "fur play" for all living things. Like the TV debates, girls were given the chance to question each other and like Question Time, girls from the audience had the opportunity to question the candidates.

On General Election Day, all Halstead girls will be given the chance to vote for one of the candidates they saw in the debate. This mock election will be conducted as close as possible to reality with vote (class) registers, teachers acting as returning officers and voting in secret using ballot papers with party logos and photographs of candidates.

Like the rest of the country, results will be declared on Friday 8th May during the school's weekly Celebration Assembly.

Halstead Preparatory School (Girls 2-11) is a day school in Surrey.

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