JAPS Swimmers put in personal best performances at IAPS national championship

Swimmers from Year 5 took part in the 4 x Medley Relay race at the London Aquatics centre finishing in 13th place against the top swimmers from schools around the country.

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14th June 2018 — Swimming in front of a packed house in the most iconic pool in the country, Elizabeth, Tilly, Rachel and Ella knocked six seconds off their qualifying time to finish the race in 1:16:13. As well as setting a new record for the school the team were thrilled with their final place in the overall standings, comfortably inside the top 20. 

Speaking after the race, Elizabeth said: "As the race started, the whole 2000 seats fell silent and all eyes were on us. The adrenaline was pumping and we all felt excited and a little nervous at the same time. It was a truly incredible day and I will never forget the amazing feeling of having swum in the Olympic swimming pool"

Rachel added: "This was the moment we all had trained hard for. When it was my turn to swim I could hear a cacophony of noise yet it was all seemingly so distant; I used every sinew in my body to heave myself forward. Fear definitely brought out the best in us, we learnt that we beat the school record set in 2011." Likewise she found the experience of swimming in the London 2012 Olympic pool overwhelming, "This was our mini Olympics, a memory we will all cherish forever." 

Her feelings were echoed by Ella who said: "Swimming in the pool was a fabulous experience and a memorable moment; I enjoyed every part of it."


James Allen's Preparatory School (Girls 4-11) is a day school in South East London.

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