The Battle of Beechwood ensures pupils don't miss out on competitive sport

This term, external sports fixtures may have been thwarted by the Pandemic, but the enterprising Sports Department at Beechwood Park was determined that this was not going to stop pupils having some good, healthy competition… and a large dose of fun!

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22nd October 2020 — And so, the Battle of Beechwood was born; a programme of varied and exciting lesser-known competitive sports that offer pupils from Year 3 to Year 8 the opportunity to compete in a weekly internal fixture against other teams in their year group bubble in order to earn points for their team.

Battle commenced with Bench Ball, an exhilarating game involving two teams. The aim is to throw the ball across to the team members standing on the bench at the opposite end, if the ball is caught successfully the thrower runs and joins the catcher on the bench. The first team to successfully get their whole team up on the bench wins.

Hot on the heels of Bench Ball came King Ball, where players select one team member to go on to the opposition’s side and then try and throw the ball to their King in the opposition’s territory, the King can eliminate the opposition. Coming up next; Team Pursuit, the ultimate team and sportsmanship challenge. An adrenaline-charged battle against the clock (and your opponents) as teams dash around the extensive School grounds in hot pursuit.

The Battle will intensify and the fun will continue as the term progresses, with other sports such as Danish Long Ball, Dodgeball and Kickball on the horizon.

In line with the School’s child-centred mission, the battle teams have been created especially for this competition with pupils involved in naming their own team. This has led to some fabulously creative names, such as ‘Reggae Potatoes’, ‘Cien Fuegos’ (too hot to handle perhaps?!) and ‘Pickled Lions’!

Kylie Le Bas, Director of Sport commented, “Whilst it is a great disappointment for us all not to be able to play our usual wide programme of external fixtures, we have had fun implementing this line-up of diverse competitive sports. Already, sports staff have noticed that, in true Beechwood spirit, pupils are highly motivated and displaying real sportsmanship. The competition has brought out strong camaraderie and respect for one another as well as fantastic teamwork”.

Beechwood Park (Coed 3-13) is a day and boarding school in Hertfordshire.

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