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Churcher’s College GCSE Results 2021

A Message from the Headmaster regarding this year's GCSE results.

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Celebrating GCSE Results
Celebrating GCSE Results

12th August 2021 — Having reached the summit of a mountain recently I was reminded of the saying that ‘the best views come after the hardest climbs’ and this year’s GCSE results from the Churcher’s crew reminded me of that. With so many subjects to conquer at GCSE, the exams are always challenge enough but, this year, the trials and tribulations of Covid have made it even more so.

It is under these circumstances that the GCSE results for all Year 11 students across the country are particularly special and at Churcher’s the achievement is, likewise, quite exceptional.

The GCSE awarding process has been unique this year, with students having to evidence attainment and over an extended period of time. As such year-on-year comparisons are invalid, but, nevertheless, this year’s results are outstanding:

Grade Cumulative Percentage:

9: 30.3%

9-8: 56.4%

9-7: 79.2%

9-6: 93.5%

9-5: 99.1%

9-4: 100.0%

Despite such an impressive grade profile, if these last two years have taught us anything it is that grades alone are not a complete mark of success. That this year’s cohort have required exceptional levels of innovation, self-reliance and self-determination above and beyond previous years is without question; that they have shown such inspiration, diligence and tenacity in abundance is equally clear. When we reflect back on these last two years I hope we will be able to see what extra has been achieved by the children despite Covid rather than what we lost because of it.

As Churcher’s enters its 300th anniversary year there is an enormous amount to celebrate and to look forward to. Our huge, new Music School comes on stream as a prologue to the academic year and, during the year along with many other events, we will be planting ‘Tercentenary Wood’, thousands of native, broadleaf trees contributing to the beauty of Petersfield and part of our efforts to ease a global crisis of another kind.

For the moment, however, the applause, the standing ovation, rightly goes to the huge success story which is the Year 11 at Churcher’s and their teachers for all they have achieved. It may have been a hard climb but the view is tremendous!

Simon Williams, Headmaster

Churcher's College (Coed 4-18) is a day school in Hampshire.

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