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Junior 5 And Junior 6 Reverse Advent Calendar Hampers

Junior 5 and Junior 6 made their own Reverse Advent Calendars to help local families in need.

Photo: Crackley Hall School
Reverse Advent Calendar
Reverse Advent Calendar

16th December 2021 — Junior 5 and Junior 6 have shown just how thoughtful and kind they are. The classes decided to be as giving as they could and share the joy of advent at Christmas time. They made their own reverse advent calendars hampers with each pupil bringing in an item a family in need at Christmas might wish to receive.

Reverse Advent Calendars are a great idea, an example of how communities can take action to stop their neighbours going hungry, they recognise that the spirit of Christmas is to give.

The hampers were donated to LWS Night Shelter in Leamington.

Headmaster, Rob Duigan, said, "What a thoughtful initiative. We are all very proud of Junior 5 and Junior 6!"

Crackley Hall School (Coed 2-11) is a day school in Warwickshire.

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