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Anti Bullying Week at Kingswood Prep School

To celebrate Anti-Bullying Week 2021 and Children in Need, Kingswood Prep School had a fantastic time celebrating the incredibly positive effect our words can have on others.

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24th November 2021 — In their classes the children discussed with the staff how we can make sure KPS is a caring, empathetic place where each and everyone person is looked after.

They spoke about the importance of remembering how different we all are and that this is one of the best things about our lives. Everyone has a part to play in looking after others by not standing by if we see unkindness.

Particularly with the opportunity to chat and socialise online too, it is even more essential to keep in mind quite how much of a difference we can make by using ONE KIND WORD. The children also wrote kind words in chalk over our playground as a colourful reminder of all the lovely things that we can see in one another!

Below is a poem written by Eleanor in Year 5:

Kindness Poem

Kindness is like a gift but from the heart not the shop.

Kindness is as important as winning any race.

Kindness is more important than money will ever be.

Kindness is a life-saver when people are sad.

Kindness is beautiful it helps the heart bloom.

Kindness is contagious so don’t block it out.

Kindness is a feature that everyone needs.

Kindness is a thing that helps you to breathe.

Kindness isn’t expensive but it still is a novelty gift.

Kindness is worth more than money will ever be.

Kingswood School (Coed 1-18) is a day and boarding school in Somerset.

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