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A* all the way for top achievers at Pitsford School

After a tough 2 years the Class of 2021 at Pitsford School have shown their resilience, dug deep and achieved the most spectacular set of A level results. 68% achieved A*-A, whilst 99% recorded A*-E.

Photo: Pennie Withers/Pitsford School
Senior Prefects; Matt, David, Beth, Peter and Christopher - all achieved A or A*
Senior Prefects; Matt, David, Beth, Peter and Christopher - all achieved A or A*

10th August 2021 — Once again the Pitsford students have triumphed at the end of what has been the most trying 2 years. This year’s cohort have performed incredibly well throughout, embracing the virtual learning, working hard and achieving the most fantastic set of A level results as a consequence.

68% achieved A*-A, 78% achieved A*-B and 99% of the students achieved A*-E. These staggering results are the best the school has seen and are down to the hard work and dedication of both the students and the staff of Pitsford school. These results are the best the school has seen and Head Dr. Craig Walker was full of praise for both the teachers and students.

Especial praise is due to Robert C, Peter S and Christopher L who all got four A* grades. David S got three A*s and one A, Beth P got three A* grades. Peter will be reading Natural Sciences at Durham whilst Christopher will be reading General Engineering with a year in industry at Sheffield. Both Robert and David are headed for Warwick to study PPE ( Politics, Philosophy & Economics) and Computer Science respectively whilst Beth will be studying Geography at Birmingham. All the Pitsford students have performed exceptionally well across the board and nearly all are going to their first choice university.

There was also some spectacular improvement in GCSE to A level performance, especially from Siobhan (A*AB) and Archie (AAB) who really upped their game and came in with some amazing results, opening up fantastic opportunities for them and their futures.

Whilst some students are choosing to take a year to travel or work, nearly all have their University places confirmed. Popular course choices include engineering, economics and computing and top destinations are Warwick and Birmingham University with 75% of destinations Russell Group or Equivalent.

To succeed at a time of such uncertainty shows great resilience and you can be sure that Pitsford's class of 2021 be going to achieve so much more.

Pitsford School (Coed 4-18) is a day school in Northamptonshire.

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