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St Ives School Takes Part in Elf Run in aid of Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice

This week, the pupils at St Ives School in Haslemere gathered in their bubbles, donning Christmas headwear, to take part in a sponsored Elf Run.

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18th December 2020 — The children were raising money for Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care which provides support and end of life care for patients and families who are living with an advanced or terminal illness in West Surrey and North East Hampshire.

This year’s run was due to be an ‘Elf Run’ where pupils were due to wear Elf hats provided by Phyllis Tuckwell. However, Year 3 pupil and Eco Monitor, Ethan, remembered that he still had his Reindeer hat from last year’s Reindeer Run and contacted Phyllis Tuckwell to see if they would be happy for pupils to ‘recycle’ their antlers from last year’s run, thereby saving Phyllis Tuckwell money, as well as saving the environment. Phyllis Tuckwell thought it was an excellent idea and was thrilled for Ethan to share his idea with the rest of the school.

St Ives is a Green Award Eco-School and its pupils are extremely environmentally aware, so pupils were delighted to help save the environment and the charity by bringing in any Christmas headwear they had at home. Those that didn’t have anything, would use the Elf hats! Children had a fantastic morning running around the school grounds in their bubbles, avoiding the rain! It was a perfect way to finish off the term.

Mrs Kay Goldsworthy, Head Teacher at St Ives, said: “What a fantastic way for the children to finish off the term. They have had a wonderful time running around the school grounds, knowing that they are raising money for a fantastic cause whilst also following one of our key environmental messages of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’. Thank you so much to Ethan for coming up with this initiative and it was great to see such an array of Christmas head gear being worn. We are all feeling extremely Christmassy now!”

Charli Quay-Barnham, Community Fundraising Manager at Phyllis Tuckwell, said “We are really grateful to St Ives School for supporting Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care this Christmas and joining in with our sponsored Elf Run. When Ethan contacted us about his eco-idea to re-use elf hats, antlers and other Christmas headwear that the students already had from previous years, rather than use new hats they didn’t need, we were delighted to support this idea! Ethan’s passion as an eco monitor at St Ives was evident when he contacted Phyllis Tuckwell and his proactive approach to influencing the other children and teachers as part of the school’s sustainability is inspiring. Following Ethan’s success, Phyllis Tuckwell will look to suggest this idea to other schools for future Christmas’ Runs with the hope that many will follow suit.”

St Ives School became a Green Flag Eco-School in June 2020 and was a finalist in the Green Award at the Independent School of the Year Awards in September 2020.

St Ives School (Coed 2-11) is a day school in Surrey.

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