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They Came, They Saw, They Conkered!

Conker Competition Returns to West House School

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12th October 2021 — They take the annual Conker Championship very seriously at West House School, Birmingham. Detailed diaries, kept by Headmasters' of yesteryear show that this yearly competition dates back almost 126 years, to 1895, when the school first opened. Current Headmaster, Mr Lyttle had great fun explaining the whole concept to the Year 3 boys, who seemed a little baffled as to what it was all about. It was suggested they read a chapter or two from the Just William books to enlighten them on this much-loved autumnal pastime.

Boys were required, in advance, to bring their conkers in for inspections to the headmaster's PA. Ms Stevenson has, over the years, become skilled in the art of identifying sharp practice in conker preparation. There are usually a few conkers that smell suspiciously of vinegar and this year was no exception. There is an ongoing steward's enquiry into the possible use of super-glue.

Mr Lyttle reports, "The cunning of the boys never ceases to amaze us but the stakes are high, so we forgive the boys for any questionable methods."

During Friday's assembly, Mr Lyttle discussed the rules of the competition, at some length. Unconfirmed reports say that he could be heard muttering something about there not being as many health and safety issues in his day!

Playtime was when it all got serious. The look of concentration on the boys' faces was a sight to behold. Currently, the competition rages on, with a victor to be announced just before half-term.

West House School (Boys 1-11, Girls 1-4) is a day school in West Midlands.

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