County & Regional success for Oakham’s Hockey players!

Oakham School | 13 Mar 2019 | ISC Icon HMC Icon
Oakham’s Hockey players are celebrating following a run of County successes! Impressively, four teams triumphed at their County tournament to win their place at the Regional Hockey Finals – the U13 Girls', U13 Boys', U12 Boys’ and U12 Girls’ teams.
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The U12 Boys, U13 Girls and U13 Boys all claimed the title of County Champions, with the U12 Girls dropping just one game on their way to securing their place in the Regional Finals.

The U12 Boys were crowned County Champions after comfortably beating Ratcliffe 4-1, drawing with Loughborough Grammar School 1-1 and claiming an easy victory against Ivanhoe 10-0.

The U13 Girls’ and Boys’ hockey teams both finished their respective round robin tournaments undefeated. The matches were capped at 5 goals and both teams won all but one of their matches with a score of 5-0, an impressive total of 46 goals. The U13 boys beat Leicester Grammar School 5-0, Ratcliffe 3-1, Beauchamps 5-0, Loughborough Grammar School 5-0 and Ivanhoe 5-0. The U13 girls also had a fantastic run beating Ivanhoe 5-0, Loughborough High School 3-0, Leicester Grammar School 5-0 Ratcliffe 5-0 and Welland Park 5-0.

“I am incredibly proud of all our teams,” says Director of Hockey, Mr James Bateman. “They all gave outstanding performances - displaying excellent teamwork and making the most of the scoring opportunities. They deserve to win their places in the Regionals at the end of the month.”

It’s been an impressive term all round for Hockey at Oakham – with the U14 boys also finishing Midlands runners up in the Regional Finals, meaning they are now only one step away from qualifying for the National Finals! The team played some excellent attacking hockey and beat Trent College 3-1, King Edward’s School Birmingham 2-0 and Adams Grammar School 3-1, finishing top of the group. They claimed victory against Solihull in the semi-final 1-0 and lost only to Repton in the final. The boys now face a play-off match to qualify for the national stages, the opponent of which is yet to be confirmed.

“The pathway to national success all begins in these younger year groups,” concludes Mr Bateman. “Our first teams, both girls and boys, are consistently winning places in the National Finals, both indoor and outdoor, which is the culmination of years of training and development that begins with County success for our youngest players.”

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