20 March 2017Oakham School

Internationally renowned theatre company inspires Oakhamians!

An internationally renowned theatre company visited Oakham to inspire pupils during a day of drama activities that saw them fully immerse themselves in all things theatrical!

There were five different sessions which pupils rotated around during the day.  These included lighting, make-up, play writing and dance. By far the most exciting and dynamic session of the day was run by the world-famous theatre company, Frantic Assembly.  They ran a series of workshops on physical theatre that saw pupils do dramatic lifts and devised pair work to develop the fluidity of their theatrical movements. 

“Their sessions were particularly inspirational,” says Director of Drama, Gilly Norell.  “The pupils certainly enjoyed their incredibly ‘hands-on’ approach to physical theatre.”

“Overall, the Project Day gives students the chance to really get a flavour of every aspect of drama – it goes far beyond what we can cover in the curriculum and allows all students to experience them first-hand,” concludes Gilly.

Oakham is friendly and unpretentious and achieves impressive academic results; we offer both IB and A Levels: we are one of the UK's top-ranking IB schools. Our strength lies in challenging every individual to exceed his or her expectations through encouragement, pastoral support and a diverse range of opportunities. A fully co-educational boarding and day school for 10 to 18 year olds, Oakham is a very exciting place to be.

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