20 March 2017St Benedict's School

Super Science Fair at St Benedict's!

Young scientists at St Benedict’s in Ealing, west London, got to work in British Science Week, conducting over 40 different experiments at their annual Science Fair.

The science labs buzzed with scientific discovery as all pupils in Year 8 presented their fascinating projects to hundreds of children from local primary schools, including St Benedict’s junior school pupils. Visitors quizzed them about their ground-breaking research into such things as what woodlice choose to eat, the conductivity of graphene, how laughter reduces pain and how to make invincible bubbles. Among the questions asked were: Which fruits demonstrate the most voltage? What household objects form the best crystal substrate? Which planet is most likely to be habitable by different life forms? and How quickly are different foods broken down by the hydrochloric acid in your stomach?

The young scientists, aged 12 and 13, had chosen the subjects of their research, devised and conducted experiments, and carefully recorded their results and conclusions. They all enthusiastically explained their methods and findings, and offered some hands-on participation, to the delight of the Year 5 visitors! A prize was awarded to the best project, which set out to discover ‘Which foods contain the most Glucose.’



St Benedict’s is London’s leading independent Catholic co-educational school, situated in leafy Ealing. The School is a successful blend of the traditional and the progressive; proud of its heritage but also forward thinking and innovative. Within a caring, happy community, our pupils thrive, benefiting from a seamless education which can begin at the age of 3 and continue through to the Sixth Form.

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