Fairtrade Competition Success

Craigclowan Preparatory School | 18 May 2017
Craigclowan Prep School in Perth wins the Traidcraft Fairtrade Snack Attack competition for the fourth time.
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Every year since 2010 Craigclowan School in Perth has participated in the Traidcraft Fairtrade Snack Attack Competition.  The purpose of the competition is to design a brand new Fairtrade snack, plan the marketing and advertising of this snack and to research the Fairtrade movement in order to understand the impact which being a Fairtrade farmer can have on local communities.  Finally, the idea and plan is submitted to Traidcraft. 

The school has had incredible success in this competition, having been runners up three times and national winners four times.  This year, a team of three 13 year old pupils invented “Sack ‘n’ Sauce” which is a Fairtrade take on Chinese Dim Sum and won their fourth title. 

At Craigclowan School they like to take this competition a step further by organising a Dragon’s Den style competition where pupils present their Fairtrade snacks to a panel of teachers.  In order to do this effectively pupils have to learn the necessary skills of working as part of a team (their team is selected for them).  hey learn how to compromise, delegate, communicate and they learn that teamwork really works. 

On completion of this project pupils have collaborated together, improved their ICT, communication and presentation skills, learnt about target markets and related their marketing strategy to their identified market, been creative in the kitchen (the pupils make the snack and carry out primary market research in the classroom, through taste tests amongst their classmates), used their design skills to prepare packaging and have become more aware as consumers.  All pupils research and present a case study on a Fairtrade farmer and what the Fairtrade movement means to them and the impact which it has made in their local community. 

Caroline Hardaker, Schools and Fair Trader Co-ordinator at Traidcraft, said: “We loved the amount of detail that went into the design of the Craigclowan’s packaging and their judging process”.  

Winners Izzy Heaton-Armstrong, Joe Jeffers and Iona Fleming are pictured with their certificates.