Caldicott boys learn more about anti-bullying with interactive workshops

Caldicott | 29 Nov 2017
For Anti-Bullying week, Caldicott welcomed Action Work, a creative company who delivered three interactive anti-bullying workshops to all year groups.
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All year groups took part in a workshop during the day where they learnt more about the concept of bullying.  They looked at the use of power and empowerment; what the word bullying means; strategies for dealing with bullying and bullies; and how to build confidence in tackling bullying.

The sessions were great fun with lots of energy as the boys interacted with the speakers to help understand the concepts.  They took part in games, role-playing, improvisation and discussions around the topic.  This really helped the boys come out of their shell and share what they think about bullying and how they can combat it at school and outside of school in their home and social lives.

Action Work was very engaging and the boys came away from the workshops with a greater sense of what they can do if they are being bullied or if they know someone who is.

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