Hands-on Fracture Workshop for Aspiring Repton Medics and Vets

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Repton School pupils have participated in a hands-on fracture workshop led by Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Professor Rohan Rajan.
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Aspiring medics and vets at Repton School had a firsthand glimpse of how trauma surgeons fix fractures when orthopaedic surgeon and charity fundraiser Professor Rohan Rajan visited their school.

Professor Rajan from Derby Royal Hospital was joined by his team of consultants to run a fracture workshop at the school. Sixteen pupils got the chance to examine the multitude of screws, plates and pins to repair fractures with and try drilling holes for screws in bone models to learn some of the skills fixing a fracture entails. 

He also gave an insight into life in the operating theatre by taking questions from pupils ranging from those about the daily life of an orthopaedic surgeon to how best to gain entry to medical school.

The fracture workshop comes in the run up to Repton pupil Will Balderston accompanying Professor Rajan on a charity mission to Nepal. In the autumn Will will support the professor's work with the Neverest Orthopaedics Foundation.

The aim of the charity is to teach orthopaedics, to provide equipment, and to carry out procedures and surgery on local people who have orthopaedic conditions, like club feet. The trip will provide Will with an insight into life as an orthopaedic surgeon. Professor Rajan is also raising funds to help rebuild a children's orphanage in Kathmandu.

A member of Repton’s Medical Society said: “On Sunday, we were fortunate to have Professor Rajan and a team of consultants give up their free time to run a fracture workshop for us. This was incredibly informative and hands-on, with one consultant per group of four and an amplitude of bone models, drills, screws and plates.

"Throughout the session everyone began to understand more of what fixing a fracture entailed and then try themselves, with all trying their hand at drilling the holes for the screws in the bone models. During this many took the chance to ask questions of the team, ranging from the day to day life of an orthopaedic surgeon to different types of fractures and how they're treated to how to get into medical school.

"The session finished with a few pupils attempting to plaster someone's arm, which ended up being quite messy and very amusing. Many thanks must go to Professor Rajan and his team for their time and expertise, the workshop was thoroughly enjoyed by all.”

 Dr Stuart Ingleston-Orme, Head of the Science Department and Master in charge of MedSoc said: “We were incredibly fortunate to be able to welcome Professor Rohan Rajan, a renowned orthopaedic surgeon, together with three other leading consultants, to this hands-on workshop for our aspiring medical and vet students.

"The outstanding tuition and support provided gave our pupils an inspirational, and rare, insight into life in the operating theatre and we are incredibly grateful to Prof Rajan and his team for so generously giving their time and experience to this venture.”



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