Homelessness is the theme of a talk given to pupils at The Queen's School

The Queen's School | 23 Apr 2018 | ISC Icon GSA Icon
Lower School girls learn about the many reasons people can find themselves without a home.
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James Bond actor Daniel Craig and American singer Jennifer Lopez were once homeless, pupils from Queen's School discovered.

They are among a number of wealthy stars who fell on hard times at the start of their careers, the pupils were told in a talk explaining how unexpectedly homelessness can strike.

The millionaire actor was forced to 'sofa-surf' while he waited for the roles that would bring him fame and the American singer found herself with nowhere to live after falling out with her mother, a speaker from the charity Chester Aid to the Homeless told the Lower School pupils.

The talk launched a day of pupil workshops led by once-homeless artist Chris Goodwin who helped the girls create self-portraits in the style of Van Gogh and to write haiku poems about how it would feel to be homeless.

'They produced some wonderful, reflective verses' said a spokesman for the school.




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