Professor Lord Winston Gives Lecture at Eastbourne College

Eastbourne College | 4 Dec 2017 | ISC Icon
As part of Eastbourne College’s 150th anniversary celebrations Professor Lord Winston visited and gave a workshop to sixth formers and then a lecture to the whole school on Tuesday 28 November.
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As part of Eastbourne College’s 150th anniversary celebrations Professor Lord Winston visited and gave a lecture to the whole school on Tuesday 28 November. Professor Winston initially spent an hour in the science centre, observing young scientists conducting experiments, talking to them about their work and career aspirations, and even showing the pupils how to slice the thinnest of samples for observation under a microscope.

Below are some of the pupils’ observations about his visit:

“I really enjoyed meeting Professor Winston. I was thrilled when he took the time to look down the microscope and ask me questions on the practical I was doing, and showed genuine interest when he asked me about my future career plans. The lab session was wonderful, giving me insights into Professor Winston’s work into fertility and his thoughts on how he chose his field. He is an inspiration”. Abigail Thompson (Lower Sixth).

“The school talk was really amazing, sharing his experience with us was incredibly interesting. Using his own personal examples, he talked about the ethical debate of medicine and life, which was full of wisdom and hope. I hope that he would consider coming back not only to give talks, but to inspire young budding scientists and doctors”. Goh Shieh Yeow (Lower Sixth).

“I thought his visit to the lab was very beneficial and intellectually stimulating because he took the time to explain current complex research in stem cell development and also showed an interest in the heart dissection I was carrying out by asking some thought provoking questions”. Gui Raphael (Upper Sixth).

After the lab lesson, the whole College and other members of the wider College community, gathered for the lecture and question and answer session, in which Professor Winston shared some of his experiences, wisdom, and predictions for the future, along with his passion for science, particularly his first love, supporting the very first stages of life. The evening was a wonderful event, and one which none of our extended College family will forget.

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About Eastbourne College

Eastbourne College is fortunate to be stunningly situated on the edge of Eastbourne, yards from the sea and the glorious South Downs National Park. Students can flourish in this wonderful setting with access to a safe town centre that allows them to become more independent but without the concerns or restrictions of isolated rural or urban schools. With around 620 pupils in the school, it is very much a community rather than an institution, where every child is known extremely well. Boys and girls, brothers and sisters, day pupils and boarders are totally involved in a school that believes wholeheartedly in co-education and a flexible boarding offer. Recently, the College's learning environment has been enhanced enormously by the completion of a £33 million redevelopment called Project 150 (see below for more detail).

The headmaster, Tom Lawson, believes that the most important aim is to produce good people who other people want to be with. Furthermore, he is a proponent of the blue health that the school's location offers, adopting a healthy learning for the future approach. Since he began his headship, he has introduced a new boarding lodge which caters for day pupils with occasional boarding needs, an annual biathlon / steeplechase which encompasses the South Downs National Park, and has furthered the work of the Eastbourne Schools Partnership, a community outreach project that accounts for 14,000 local school-children in the maintained sector. In July 2018, Mr Lawson and Head of Partnerships, Linda Salway, received the Education Business Awards Community Award, on behalf of Eastbourne College, for outstanding community partnering work.

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