Years 5 and 6 on stage at Wembley, VIAM 2017

Performing arts is a love of many at Coworth Flexlands School. We were honoured when Ms Jo Garofalo visited the school to audition us for Voice in a Million at Wembley Area and chose Year 5 & 6 girls to be on stage.

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17th March 2017 — On Wednesday 8th March our girls headed early afternoon to the Wembley arena.  There was a huge amount of excitement and singing on the journey up. On taking their stage position the girls were ecstatic not only to be on stage, but to find they were centre stage. Reward comes with hard work so it was a two hour rehearsal from 3 to 5pm, to return again, refreshed for the "real thing" at 7.30pm. Our parents had prime seats in front of the stage and were seen singing and dancing their hearts out too, bursting with pride. 

As a choir on stage the girls sang every song of the event and had the best seats for bopping with Reggie'N'Bollie and Irish boyband, RoadTrip. 

Music Director, Mrs Claire Glover, delighted "we were immensely proud of the girls dedication in the run up, and on the night at VIAM. It is a highlight of our school calendar and fabulous that every girl in Year 5 & 6 gets to take part. It was a truly amazing experience. We had some very tired girls the next day".




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Coworth Flexlands School (Boys 3-7, Girls 3-11) is a day school in Surrey.

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