RGS Springfield take on the Government

RGS Springfield Take on the Government - Year Six visit the Houses of Parliament and Quiz their MP

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18th January 2016RGS Springfield Take on the Government

Year Six at RGS Springfield travelled to London to as part of their project focusing on democracy, government and how laws are made. Children have been looking at how the country is governed through the Monarch, Prime Minister, House of Lords and House of Commons.

The children visited the Houses of Parliament and met Robin Walker MP for Worcester, who spoke to them about the debate on healthcare that was going on at the time and the work he does in his job. He also answered questions about about being a Member of Parliament.

Mrs Angela Webster, Year Six teacher said, “The tour of the Houses of Parliament highlights the elements of government and helps the children to understand how people become either an MP or a Peer. Seeing the Speaker's procession with the mace which represents the Monarch in the Commons and the gold throne in the House of Lords really brought our learning to life.”

Finally the children took part in a workshop run by the Education Unit at The Houses of Parliament where the pupils took part in a quiz, elected a Prime Minister and Speaker and conducted their own debate on the death sentence. They also had the opportunity to experience, through role-play, the process of a bill becoming law.

 rs Webster concludes, “The children loved this workshop and several said they would be really keen to join the debating club as they hadn't realised how interesting politics and debate could be. Harry said that the trip was thrilling and has made him far more interested in debating and current affairs and Sian would like to be Prime Minister!”

To find out more about RGS Springfield, go to www.rgsw.org.uk or telephone 01905 24999. Or come to an Open Day – 28 + 30 January.

RGS Springfield (Coed 2-11) is a day school in Worcestershire.

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